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Document Handover Policy

During the work each other, find out information as well as verify the necessary papers and documents before, during and after signing the agreement with the customer. TOAN A offers a number of regulations and policies on document handover to ensure the safety of documents and documents and security for both customers and TOAN A […]

Information Collection Policy

Information Collection Policy When internet users access and view content on the company’s website TOAN A, it means that users can become TOAN A customers in the future. Therefore, TOAN A is responsible for providing customers with necessary information in collecting customer information for what, for what purpose, how to use scope and of course […]

Payment Information Policy

Payment methods and payment information TOAN A supports two payment methods for all services and products TOAN A provides to the market, which is cash payment or payment by transfer via TOAN A company account.For service quotes with a total value of less than 20 million, customers have the right to choose both payment methods […]