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Xin cấp lại quốc tịch Việt Nam

Apply For Re-Grant Of Vietnamese Nationality – Dual Citizenship Registration

No matter how many reasons, how many difficulties can’t make you forget your roots, forget your homeland of Vietnam. Come back to the place where you were buried, the door of Vietnam is always welcome you. TOAN A will always accompany you on the arduous road to comeback hometown the country for Apply For Re-Grant Of Vietnamese Nationality.

Vietnam has allowed citizens to hold dual citizenship. Specifically, Vietnamese people residing abroad, who have acquired foreign nationality, now want register more Vietnamese nationality are still accepted from July 1, 2009.

Re-grant Vietnamese Nationality Dual Nationality Registration


Services to apply for commercial business investment licenses in Vietnam for foreigners include all of the following items:

   + Investment registration certificate
   + Certificate of business registration
   + Business license (for all business lines with mandatory conditions attached)
   + Visa entry for business owners include accompanying relatives “if any”
   + Work permits for senior manager, engineers, expert, high technical experts…
   + Register temporary resident card, permanent residence card for foreigners investing in Vietnam.
   + Visa-free entry for business owners (for some case special)

investment service package details